August Training Special: 10% of all training fees go to supporting local strongman, xfit and powerlifting events.

Crossfit Southside Strongman Challenge

Crossfit Southside will be hosting a Strongman Competition at Crossfit Total Control in September (cooler weather, more time to prepare). Official date will be released this week. They will be capping the event at 100 participants. There will be 3 weight classes for Male and Female competitors.

165 and Under, 166-190, 191 and Over

130 and Under, 131-160, 161 and Over

If you're interested we will be using typical Strongman events with some having a CrossFit feel. Practice using Logs, Stones, Yokes, Axles and any other odd objects!

  Heavyweight Pro Strongman Vince Urbank (national deadlift record holder in his weight class 906lbs), his wife Lindsey (record holder in power lifting and strongman) and their new baby boy will be on scene and delivering a seminar one of the weekends before competition going over odd object lifts.

You can register here

Below is a video demoing some of the events you may see in competition