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Deadlift training

Went in to Team Jax training spot today with the intention of pulling my planned second attempt for Orlando meet (830). Right from the start I was feeling like crap because I havent slept well at all the last three nights...

Warmed up raw, dont remember the weights. Put my new blue suit on and pulled a slow, lazy, nasty 750...wasnt heavy but it was slow and it made me mad. I switched to my black suit which is a little tighter and pulled another slow and nasty 800, same deal, wasnt difficult but it was just slow.

It was so damn slow that by the time I locked out my thumbs were killing me! (hook grip)

I rested for a few min then proceeded to miss 835 twice with an over/under grip...just not enough pop today.

I need to get this fixed asap because pulling like that isnt going to cut it on the 19th.

So now Im just going to eat and be pissed off the rest of the day about how bad my pull sucked...that will ensure that I do a better job come meet day.

A few adjustments and I will be right back on track.

Dont have any funny quips at the moment, because deadlifting like crap is no laughing matter!

I will get back to jokes and funny stuff once I smash some more pr's.