August Training Special: 10% of all training fees go to supporting local strongman, xfit and powerlifting events.

Training and Diet Programs

 Want to get stronger? Hit me up at urbankstrengthteam@aol.com or Lindsey at southernmissfit@gmail.com. We offer customized diet and training programs and competition preparation programs.
How can it help you: Our programs can help you gain strength, muscle mass, lose fat, add pounds to your primary lifts, or improve your strongman events.
Why it works. It works because every program is custom tailored to the client's needs. We provide weekly consults, dynamic  results-based programming, instructional videos, and in depth video analysis of lifts. No superfluous work outs, silly exercises or wild dance moves; no fad diets; get all the stuff you like and love, without a bunch of extra non-sense.
12 week diet - $180
12 weeks of planned nutrition to help you achieve your goals, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or performance for athletics
12 week training - $360
12 weeks of training, for powerlifting, strongman, athletic performance, or simply to get in better shape.  

12 week diet and training - $450
Best way to make sure your diet and training are getting you optimal results, buy them together!(and save a little money too)

Weight Cut and Contest Prep - $85 
A few pounds over and a few weeks out? Not a problem, lose the weight not the strength. From water cuts to diet changes, we can help you make weight.(For short term weight loss only)

Trifecta  (Training, Diet, and Contest Prep) - $500
Everything you need in one place. Whether it's your first contest or your 50th, this package has everything you need. Take the stress out of your next meet and let us make you an easy to follow step-by-step plan to success.

12 Week Weight Loss - $275
Looking to lose weight and keep it off? Be a leaner, stronger you? Or just move down a weight class? This is the plan for you, a healthy way to lose weight and get in better shape, or an excellent supplement for current athletes. Includes diet and training.

12 Week Group Program-$250/person
Do you and your friends share goals? Share a training and nutrition program for only $250/person and still get individual lift analysis, weekly consults, and instructional videos. (3 person minimum)

Don't need hands on training, video analysis, or consults? Buy these programs if you've already got your form and diet down!

16 Week Training Manual for Powerlifting (3 training days/week) - $55

16 Week Training Manual for Powerlifting (2 training days/week) - $40

For training inquiries message us at urbankstrengthteam@aol.com or southernmissfit@gmail.com