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2011 USPA Treasure Coast Classic

This was Lindsey's first meet in almost a year. About 3 weeks out from the meet she was weighing 132 and we started cutting her to 114. Reduced her carbs and had her eat smaller meals every 2 hours consisting of water and protein shake or lean protein and vegetables. After 2 weeks she had lost..... 

no weight, none, at all.
This was baffling to everyone because she had been eating like a strongman before her diet.
But after the first 2 weeks, she dropped a pound a day. Monday prior to the meet she started sodium loading and flushed on Wednesday, she was still 5 over. Friday we tried to sweat her out on the way to the meet in the car. She was wearing a trash bag, 3 layers of sweats, a heavy duty sleeping bag, and we had the heat on high for most of the trip. And she weighed in at 118. It had been a tough cut and we knew we couldn't take it all the way down to 114, so we worked hard to put her weight back on and get her ready to compete as a 123.

Despite being all nerves, the squats went great, all of them were meet PR's and the first time she'd ever walked out squats in a meet. 203 opener flew up easily, 225 barely slowed down, 237 was a grinder at first but Lindsey finished the lift so strong it pushed her forward and she stepped prior to the rack command. It was a heart breaker, but we cut our losses and focused on the bench. 

Easy 137 opener, a quick jump to 155, and 165 went slow, but Lindsey stuck with it and belted it out. 25lb meet PR on bench. This bench was great, but very different than what Lindsey was used to; the bench was lower, and the pad was thinner and "sticky". Once you got into position there was no sliding, but she had to lower her arch a little to keep her butt firmly planted on it.

Deadlift opened at 230, and moved up to 286, a tough 26lb meet PR, and all-time best. Lindsey's shins might as well have been lava, the bar didn't even touch her til she got above her knees. Hahaha, she'll have to work on that one! If you're not bleeding you're not doing it right. 296 was attempted but there was no gas left in the tank and the bar floated disrespectfully before resigning to the floor.
It was great to see all our friends from Ironworks Gym out there(who won best team). Cori, Jim, and Shari all lifted great and we can't wait to do it again.

The meet ran very efficiently, loaders and spotters were on point and the meet was over in about 4-5 hours. Good tight judging.