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Vince Urbank: 
#2 raw deadlift of all-time in the US 308lb division  (2nd only to Doyle Kenady)
#1 Multi-ply deadlift in the US 308lb division
ASC Pro Strongman
Vincent Urbank has the #15 highest Deadlift of all time, which he set as a junior in the 308lb division. 
For diet and training contact him at: urbankstrengthteam@aol.com

Lindsey Urbank: Master 105 & 114 powerlifter, Elite 123
2010- 105lb AWPC World Champion and best female lifter in open division.
23 World Records and 31 National Records. 
Ranked #19 of All-time Internationally in the 123lb weight class (17th by co-efficient, and 12th without knee wraps)
Ranked All-time American in the 105lb weight class for squat (#15), bench press (#13) and total (#15)
Ranked  All-time American in the 123lb weight class for squat (#12), bench press (#20) and total (#11)
Lightweight Strongwoman Record Holder
B.S. Health Fitness Specialist
2 years of experience training NCAA Div-1 athletes
10 years of training, nutrition and programming experience.

For diet and training programs e-mail:


Andrew Clayton: Pro Heavy-weight Strongman
B.S. in Athletic Training
NSCA-Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NAS Heavy-weight Max Axle Record Holder

For training and nutrition programs, reach Andrew at urbankstrengthteam@aol.com or lift2win@comcast.net