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Deadlift with Bands

So tonight I did deadlift with bands
Deadlifting with bands helps with explosiveness (it reminds me a lot of when I did Olympic Style lifts, if you don't get the shit up quick, it's not going up at all). It assists with lock out (which after breaking ground is one of my biggest sticking points), and is great for grip (which I also really need to work on)

135 for 5 reps with the wimpy black bands at three different stances
moderate sumo
super wide sumo

All the reps went up very quickly, felt very crisp and explosive at all stances
After the first set with each stance I increased the band tension.

135 with peach bands (about 125-150lbs tension at lock out)
3 conventional
5 sumo
5 super wide sumo

They still felt very quick and clean. So we added more band tension.
135 with peach and black bands (circa 170-180lbs band tension at lock out)
conventional fail
sumo failx2
super wide sumo x1 (yay)

I kept stalling out mid-thigh on my conventional and sumo. I could hold that shit at mid-thigh for a good 5 seconds and not move a millimeter. I need to work on that hip drive and my upper back. All I had to do was pull my shoulder back to lock that last bit out, or shoot my hips through, and it would have been a done deal. The lock out on the wide sumo took a hot second but it was good.

snatch grip rack pull
135 x5
135 x5
135 x5

Split Squat
2x10 with 60lbs

Sumo squat to low box with KB
10 with 45
10 with 45
10 with 55
10 with 55

Hammer Curls

3 sets of 10 with 20lbs

I really need to work on my hips and grip more. I will probably work in some pull throughs, heavy rack pulls, and farmer's walks.

We ran out of protein so Vince got me to chug raw egg whites as my post-lift shake ( holy crap it's like drinking a giant loogey). We'll be going to get more protein tomorrow. Practically our shopping list down here.