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Some reviews from our hard-working UrbankStrong clients.

 Andrew Clayton earning his Heavyweight Pro-card, repping a 400# stone 
"Vince and Lindsey Urbank have been extremely helpful in guiding me over the years." ~ Pro Heavyweight Strongman Andrew Clayton

Meg Holliday
 2014 NASA 105# Raw Nationals Champion, Over-all Best Female Lifter in the Sub-master 1 Division.

"From my very first contact with Lindsey, I could not have been more impressed or felt more comfortable...Just through that initial contact, she helped me realize what I really wanted from my training… to be the best powerlifter I could be.

I took Lindsey on for diet and training.  She had me eating ~600 more calories a day than I had been, and training two days a week, vs. the five days of my previous cycles… and within a couple weeks, my bodyweight dipped below 115# for the first time in a LONG time, and I was already seeing improvement in my back squat.

I felt confident going into every session, having cues from Lindsey after her reviewing of my previous session’s notes and/or video.  And beyond telling me what to do, she would always tell me WHY.   Over the course of my training, she’s given me so much great information, I feel more prepared every time I enter the gym.  I’d been hungry for a 200# back squat ever since the first time I had a bar on my back.  Lindsey got me there in 11 weeks.

As my meet approached, she adjusted my diet and worked to gradually get me to making weight.  I was the leanest I’d been in 18 months, and the changes in my body totally shocked me.  I definitely did not miss the immense stress I felt the previous year when it came to getting to 105#.  A week out, I was a mere five pounds from where I needed to be.  I weighed-in 1.5# lighter than the year before, and came out with 45# on my total." ~ Meg Holliday 2014 NASA 105# Raw Nationals Champion, Over-all Best Female Lifter in the Sub-master 1 Division.

Jaimee cut 9lbs by adjusting her diet alone (no water cut!).
"Lindsey helped me with my weight cut for my first power lifting competition and I couldn't be happier with the results. The daily support and abundance of knowledge Lindsey possesses made it super easy, and enjoyable. I weighed in 5 pounds under my weight class, and totally exceeded my expecations. I won1st place in 148 weight class and best overall lifter of the competition. I can't wait for my next cut, I'm going for the 132 class this time and I know Lindsey will continue to help me reach my goals!" ~ Jaimee Hartnett- powerlifter and mother

"Down around 5lbs but more importantly notice bigger muscles and getting better definition.... Won gold and beat the old US police & fire record by 6ft! I'm excited to get back at it after this mini-peak and see what the next 5 weeks or so will bring" ~ Sara Shisslak - throwing, world's toughest competitor

"My triceps look bigger than ever on bench and havent done direct arm work in ages ."~Brian H. - powerlifter

"My boyfriend absolutely loves the way my body looks. The diet is so easy, and I've lost that little bit of fat around my stomach"~ Maria M -model

"I want to let you know that I did my best strongman comp ever after doing your training routine and diet!!  I did some great PRs in all events.That is a good proof that your type of training works!" ~ Amateur HW Strongman