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2011 USPA Treasure Coast Classic

This was Lindsey's first meet in almost a year. About 3 weeks out from the meet she was weighing 132 and we started cutting her to 114. Reduced her carbs and had her eat smaller meals every 2 hours consisting of water and protein shake or lean protein and vegetables. After 2 weeks she had lost..... 

no weight, none, at all.
This was baffling to everyone because she had been eating like a strongman before her diet.
But after the first 2 weeks, she dropped a pound a day. Monday prior to the meet she started sodium loading and flushed on Wednesday, she was still 5 over. Friday we tried to sweat her out on the way to the meet in the car. She was wearing a trash bag, 3 layers of sweats, a heavy duty sleeping bag, and we had the heat on high for most of the trip. And she weighed in at 118. It had been a tough cut and we knew we couldn't take it all the way down to 114, so we worked hard to put her weight back on and get her ready to compete as a 123.

Despite being all nerves, the squats went great, all of them were meet PR's and the first time she'd ever walked out squats in a meet. 203 opener flew up easily, 225 barely slowed down, 237 was a grinder at first but Lindsey finished the lift so strong it pushed her forward and she stepped prior to the rack command. It was a heart breaker, but we cut our losses and focused on the bench. 

Easy 137 opener, a quick jump to 155, and 165 went slow, but Lindsey stuck with it and belted it out. 25lb meet PR on bench. This bench was great, but very different than what Lindsey was used to; the bench was lower, and the pad was thinner and "sticky". Once you got into position there was no sliding, but she had to lower her arch a little to keep her butt firmly planted on it.

Deadlift opened at 230, and moved up to 286, a tough 26lb meet PR, and all-time best. Lindsey's shins might as well have been lava, the bar didn't even touch her til she got above her knees. Hahaha, she'll have to work on that one! If you're not bleeding you're not doing it right. 296 was attempted but there was no gas left in the tank and the bar floated disrespectfully before resigning to the floor.
It was great to see all our friends from Ironworks Gym out there(who won best team). Cori, Jim, and Shari all lifted great and we can't wait to do it again.

The meet ran very efficiently, loaders and spotters were on point and the meet was over in about 4-5 hours. Good tight judging.

Rx Power Hour Interview and Olympia Entry

Ryan Bracewell interviewed Vince on the Rx Power Hour. Click to listen

Vince has decided to enter the 2011 MHP Olympia Strongman Show. It is one of the largest expo's in the US. It's home to over 30,000 fans, 650 companies and some of the strongest men in the country competing in one of the biggest American Strongman Corporation shows of the year!

The Events of the Olympia
Last Man Standing Max Log 

Highest log press wins
700lb Conan's Wheel
Contestants pick up the apparatus and walk around in a circle. Greatest distance wins
Giant Farmer's Walk Medley
310 Farmers; 330 Tanks (75' each; 75 second time limit). Lowest time or greatest distance wins.
Stone Over Bar for Reps
380 Stone (54" Platform; 75 second time limit). Most reps over the bar wins.
Progressive Yoke
 (1st Round 850, 2nd Round 950, 3rd Round 1050 (50' each; 75 second time limit). Fastest time or greatest distance wins
Press Medley
Specific Order: 200 DB; 250 Block; 275 Keg; 330 Axle, 340 Log (75 second time limit). Most implements moved in the fastest time wins
 Car DL for reps
Toyota Camry (60 second time limit). Highest number of reps wins
Suicide Medley
Carry: Sandbag (200lbs; 75'), Keg (275lbs; 50'), Block (250lbs; 25 feet)
Sled Pull: 75' (loaded with SB, Keg, Block)
75 second time limit. Fastest time or greatest distance wins.

America's Strongest Man 2011, media, results and write up

A huge thanks to RxMuscle.com for taking video of some of the events. To see the winners of each event and an interview with them and a wrap up with ASC President Dione Wessels and VP Mike Johnston go HERE.
This show was well organized and the fans had constant updates on the events and placing thanks to Texas State Chair Ashley Wirt (which can be seen on the NAS website).

I felt good going into the show. I felt very strong and felt I’d improved my conditioning as well.
I do not dwell on the events too much. Of course I prepare and train for them, but if I am strong enough the events in a show shouldn't matter. I never let the events dictate which shows I do, I just go out and do my best.
I knew going into the show that the max axle was going to be tough, but I felt very confident about the rest of the events.

Leading up to the show, my heavy training and conditioning went smoothly, and de-load went well too. I am pretty meticulous in my pre-contest preparation and I'm always striving to improve my contest preparation from one contest to the next.

Day 1 Event 1: Max Axle
Disaster- went out and opened with 363 confident I could get it, missed the 1st clean, re-cleaned it, and smashed the press easily. I felt like I could have pressed 400 or close to it.. I tried to go up what I thought was a conservative jump to 383, but the axle kept slipping down my shirt and I couldn't clean it. Spent my last 2 attempts attempting to clean it. I was disappointed in this event.
Scott Weech smashes an easy 423 on his 2nd attempt for a new World Record on the IronMind Axle

Day 1 Event 2: 950 Yoke- 1050 Sled Medley
Brutal,brutal medley,  I was maybe a foot or two behind Carl Foemmel on the yoke, then on the sled I was able to pull ahead by a few feet! However at the very end, I just got really tired and he managed to cross the line about 2 seconds ahead of me (he had a really strong finish on that). It was definitely a very close and intense race.

Travis demolished this medley for an easy win in about 30 seconds.

Day 1 Event 3: Hussafell Stone
After the yoke/sled medley I was puking my guts out from exhaustion for about 15 minutes. I was still puking in the trash can when I heard my name get called for the 400 pound Hussafell stone carry for max distance. I had to just get my mind right really fast, and I was actually able to carry the stone for 168 ft which was about a 50ft pr. Good for 3rd place in the event.

Mike Burke put on a clinic with the Hussafell stone and traveled ~215ft. Crazy!

Day 1 Event 4: Chevy Colorado Truck Wheelbarrow
Originally this was supposed to be with no straps but was changed last minute to allow straps. I was very confident going into this event, in training I have done up to a 450/hand farmers without straps. However when I actually picked up the truck and tried to "wheelbarrow" with it, I could not have been more surprised. Immediately it slid out of my hands with straps and I had to re-pick several times. Getting a pattern of movement going with your feet was nearly impossible, it made you move very erratically. I only made it about 21 ft which was a mid-pack finish. I was not pleased with this, but plenty of other guys struggled on this event as well.

Travis again for an easy win, ran the course in under 30 seconds.

After Day1-Going into Day 2
I was not at all satisfied with my day one results, I was sitting in 9th place overall. When the goal I had set for myself going into this contest was a top five finish. Needless to say I was definitely fired up to come out and improve my placing on day two.

Day 2 Event 1: Keg Toss
8 kegs increasing in weight up to 55lbs, thrown over a 16ft bar, fastest time wins. I was confident going into this event that I could do well. I had trained this event to the best of my ability with the resources I had (thank you Andrew and Phillip Clayton). And throwing for height has always been a strength of mine. I went out,  went nuts and threw the kegs as fast as I could. I wrapped up the then fastest time, but was narrowly squeezed into 3rd by Josh Thigpen and Travis Ortmayer for the win.

Day 2 Event 2:Push/Pull Medley- I knew coming into it this was going to be a good event for me. I had practiced it numerous times in training with out the use of straps. I knew not wasting time to strap-in on the axle lifts would save time and improve my placing on this event. I just went straight down the line, 340 log one motion, 715 deadlift easy, 330 axle straight clean and press, 675 axle deadlift no problem, 200lb circus dumbbell.  I was amped up and feeling good after winning this event, not to mention the crowd loved the "machinegun" (Who would have thought that the same kind of people that like strongman also think its awesome to mimic shooting into a crowd with a machinegun?) Aren't strongman fans the best?

Car deadlift and hold: brutal, brutal event. Basically strap into the car, deadlift it up, and hold for max time. Basically a pain tolerance type event. Since I had won the previous event, I was up last on the car deadlift and hold against Travis Ortmayer. the overall leader. I expected Travis to hold longer than anyone previously had, so I told my self that I had to hold it longer than him.  I ‘m not sure what his time was, but he dropped before the current leading time. However I was able to continue to hold for 1:14 for the event win. This was definitely the toughest event of the show for me.  Grip training paid off here again!

Day 2 Event 4: Atlas Stones
  I was in 3rd place, with a 4 point lead ahead of 4th (Michael Burke) going into the stones.  I thought about being conservative and just loading all 5 stones and securing my spot in 3rd place, but I was about 7 points behind Dave Ostlund in 2nd place and a World's Strongest Man invite so if Dave were to make a mistake on stones and place poorly and I were to win I would have had a shot at 2nd place and a WSM invite. I started off on the stones as fast as  I could , immediately losing my tacky on the 1st stone( I think I put it on too early, so it might have been too soft) I was able to get the 1st 3 stones very quickly. The 4th stone slipped at first but I was still able to load it with out tacky. The final stone proved to be too much and I had no tacky reserve on my hands so I was only able to get it as far as my lap. Not a good performance here, I will definitely be working hard to fix this.

Dave Ostlund demolished the stones, his experience and skill was obvious on this event, as well as brute strength.

So I ended up finishing 4th overall. 1pt behind Michael Burke in 3rd.

I pretty much had PR's in every event except stones and axle, but even axle was a competition PR. I need to make sure I have a reserve of tacky for my stones.

I'd really like to thank ASC for how well they took care of all the athletes. They put on an outstanding and very professional show.

I want to thank GI Nutrition for their sponsorship and support. GI Nutrition products have been a critical part of my training and preparation for America's Strongest Man. They are NCAA approved no-nonsense, effective products free from fillers and unproven ingredients. GI Nutrition Ideal Whey is delicious and a top quality protein. Focus Food Bars are a great pre-work out snack, they really get you going, ready to train or compete. Focus Food Bars go great with Ideal Pump before a work out and Ideal Recovery is great between events and after a hard day of training or competing. There is no better combination of proven, effective products than the ingredients in these supplements.

Back to back blog updates

Yeah, you're really excited. Vince and I are packing for ASM, leaving tomorrow morning. I'll be taking as much video as possible while there, and post it up when we get back. I'll try to get it up as a podcast, but it will be up here regardless.

Vince's ASM Training Compilation

Vince's final preparation for America's Strongest Man, in Hot Springs, Arkansas August 5th&6th. Fueled by Grecian Ideal Nutrition, their no-nonsense, effective products with no fillers or bs contributed to his successful training and recovery for ASM. Vince proudly uses Silverback Strength Equipment. A huge thanks to everyone at Team Jax, Andrew Clayton, and Charles Bailey at Sportsplex.

Vince is dedicating this competition to his grandfather, Vincent W. Urbank, a World War II Navy Veteran and Philadelphia fireman, who passed away last year. Vince's grandfather was a tremendous positive influence in his life and would have been 90 this August 2nd.