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Rx Power Hour Interview and Olympia Entry

Ryan Bracewell interviewed Vince on the Rx Power Hour. Click to listen

Vince has decided to enter the 2011 MHP Olympia Strongman Show. It is one of the largest expo's in the US. It's home to over 30,000 fans, 650 companies and some of the strongest men in the country competing in one of the biggest American Strongman Corporation shows of the year!

The Events of the Olympia
Last Man Standing Max Log 

Highest log press wins
700lb Conan's Wheel
Contestants pick up the apparatus and walk around in a circle. Greatest distance wins
Giant Farmer's Walk Medley
310 Farmers; 330 Tanks (75' each; 75 second time limit). Lowest time or greatest distance wins.
Stone Over Bar for Reps
380 Stone (54" Platform; 75 second time limit). Most reps over the bar wins.
Progressive Yoke
 (1st Round 850, 2nd Round 950, 3rd Round 1050 (50' each; 75 second time limit). Fastest time or greatest distance wins
Press Medley
Specific Order: 200 DB; 250 Block; 275 Keg; 330 Axle, 340 Log (75 second time limit). Most implements moved in the fastest time wins
 Car DL for reps
Toyota Camry (60 second time limit). Highest number of reps wins
Suicide Medley
Carry: Sandbag (200lbs; 75'), Keg (275lbs; 50'), Block (250lbs; 25 feet)
Sled Pull: 75' (loaded with SB, Keg, Block)
75 second time limit. Fastest time or greatest distance wins.